SMTP and POP for Juno Webmail

The purpose of these tools is to allow access to messages stored in Juno Webmail via the standard POP3 and SMTP mail protocols.  This may be useful in order to:

  • Use anti-spam tools (such as Mailwasher) to filter the mail before you read it
  • Access mail from standard email clients, such as Pine,  Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Provide free offline access, now that the long-standing free email client is no longer supported.

The tools themselves are Perl scripts, which have been tested on both a Windows and Linux platform (and should likely work on others).  There are two main scripts as part of the package:

  • - This script fetches all the messages from a given account and folder on Juno webmail, and puts them in a local file in mbox format, optionally deleting them from the webmail server.  A standard pop/imap server can then read these messages, such as the UW Imap server.
    For regular use, this script would be invoked by cron (or an equivalent) periodically to bring over the mail.
  • - This script listens on a local port and presents a bare-bones SMTP interface.  It takes any messages it receives and resends them via the webmail interface.

 Both of the scripts read their configuration information from a common file, $HOME/.juno_webmail_config.ini on Unix, or $APPDATA/juno_webmail_config.ini on Windows.

To report a bug, please use the bug tracker available on SourceForge.

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